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 How popular are XBLA games?

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PostSubject: How popular are XBLA games?   How popular are XBLA games? EmptyThu Jan 20, 2011 10:14 pm

How popular are XBLA games? Xbla
An attach rate is the average number of video games sold per console. It is a measure of about how many games the average consumer purchases. You always seem to hear about how the Xbox 360 has the highest attach rate of the big three. As of last summer, the Xbox 360's attach rate was 8.9. With the recent announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show that over 50 million 360's have been sold worldwide, that means over 445 million games have been sold! The PS3 isn't far behind, however, with the last reported attach rate from May being 8.1. With roughly 46 million PlayStation 3's sold worldwide, that puts the number of total PS3 games at over 372 million.

Despite all these game sales, you rarely ever hear about how many Xbox LIVE Arcade games the average user downloads. To find out, I polled Xbox 360 owners for the past two weeks across half a dozen gaming forums including,,,, and the official Xbox forums.

The question asked was "How many Xbox LIVE Arcade games do you own?" Here are the results:

1-10 [114 votes]
11-20 [58 votes]
21-30 [25 votes]
31-40 [9 votes]
More than 40 [36 votes]
Zero [28 votes]

Total votes: 270

The majority of voters (42%) answered that they have downloaded between 1 and 10 XBLA games. Over half of all respondents (53%) have 10 or fewer XBLA games when counting those that answered "zero" which account for 10% of total votes.

As expected, the percentage of voters gets lower as the number of games increases with each category. 21% of voters have between 11 and 20 XBLA games. Only 9% own between 21 and 30 arcade games while a mere 3% have 31 to 40. Then the data gets interesting as there is a huge spike in the number of gamers who owned more than 40 XBLA games (13% of all voters).

One reason for this jump might be because once someone has upwards of 20 or 30 arcade games, they feel they might as well keep buying them. These people are also most likely hardcore arcade or retro gamers who simply enjoy the type of games frequently released on the Arcade Marketplace.

Looking at the two categories which were answered most frequently (1-10 and 11-20), 64% of all votes fell between these ranges. Therefore, it can be estimated that most members of Xbox LIVE have somewhere between 1 and 20 arcade games. On average, about 10. This is higher than the number of "regular" Xbox 360 games the average user owns (8.9).

Microsoft recently announced that there were 25 million members of Xbox LIVE. Since only 10% of voters answered zero, it can be estimated that 9 out of every 10 members (22.5 million people) own at least 1 XBLA game. Since there are several free XBLA games on the Marketplace (like Aegis Wing for example) this doesn't necessarily mean the majority of LIVE members have spent any Microsoft Points on the arcade. It can also be estimated that around 3 million Xbox LIVE members have over 40 XBLA games. This would be Microsoft's core audience.

There are some limitations of this study. First of all, it clearly isn't a large enough sample to accurately draw conclusions about the entire population of Xbox LIVE. The above statements are simply extrapolations based on the limited data collected and cannot be relied upon to be entirely accurate. This study was meant solely for entertainment purposes and not as true market research. A larger random sample would be necessary for such a study.

Another problem with this polling method is that it only reached a specific segment of Xbox 360 owners (those who frequent gaming forums). These people are more immersed in gamer culture and could be considered "hardcore." It cannot be determined from this data how the casual gamer market would affect the numbers. Do casual gamers buy more XBLA games or less? This would be an area where further research is required.

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How popular are XBLA games?
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